WordPress Support + Maintenance Plans

Let someone else manage the technical details, so you can focus on running your website or blog.

  • Do you love WordPress, but just don’t have time to mess with regular updates and maintenance?
  • Has your site ever been hacked?
  • Do you need additional WordPress training or consulting?
  • Are you in need of webmaster services, without the webmaster price tag?

Our support and maintenance plans were designed for you.

Choose Your Plan

Bronze Plan

The basics to keep you covered
  • Secure weekly backups (offsite)
  • Monthly WordPress Updates
  • Monthly Plugin Updates*
  • Monthly Theme Updates*
  • Website restore (1 free per year)
  • Weekly security monitoring
  • 2 hours of support credits per year

Silver Plan

Extra monitoring + support
  • Secure weekly backups (offsite)
  • Biweekly WordPress Updates
  • Biweekly Plugin Updates*
  • Biweekly Theme Updates*
  • Website restore (2 free per year)
  • Real-time security monitoring + alerts
  • Yearly site and security/review
  • 6 hours of support credits per year

*Premium or third-party plugins or themes may not be included in this price. Please contact us prior to purchasing a support/maintenance plan to see whether the plugins/themes on your site are eligible for yearly updates.

Got Hosting?

Premium hosting at $250/year

Where you host your website does make a difference! Our hosting plans come with these features:


  • Premium, managed WordPress web hosting
  • Staging site for previewing changes
  • Website migration credit (2 hours)
  • Secure daily backups
  • Site cleanup (malware)
  • Caching technology for scalability and speed
  • 1-click website backup and restore
  • Website restore (unlimited)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a maintenance plan?

Websites are kind of like cars.  If you put gas in them, change the oil regularly, and do the recommended maintenance, you prolong the life of your car, and help ensure it’s up and running when you need to get from Point A to Point B.  In much the same manner, your WordPress website needs regular maintenance to keep it at optimal performance.  Regular updates provide additional features, performance boosts, and supply security fixes and patches to keep hackers at bay.

We know you’re busy, though.  And sometimes maintaining your website just isn’t something that’s on your radar.  That’s where we come in.  We’ll monitor your site for updates, do regular scans for security breeches, and do backups at a secure offsite location.  We handle a lot of the technical details of your site – so you can focus on other things.

All of our maintenance plans also come with a set number of hours of support.  If something does go wrong with your site, support credits can be used to diagnose, restore and/or fix your site.  By combining regular monitoring and update services with yearly pre-paid support hours, you save money and time – as well as having the piece of mind that someone is looking after your site.

What can I use my tech support credits for?

If you need support, training or assistance in managing your WordPress website, we’ve got you covered.  You can use your tech support credits for things like:

  • WordPress Training and Consulting
  • Plugin or theme technical help and troubleshooting
  • Content changes
  • Theme modifications
  • Fixing incompatibility issues caused by updates

Some services, such as training and consulting, require advance scheduling.  Support credits can be used at any time throughout the year, up to the number of hours allotted by your maintenance plan.  Additional support credits can be purchased if needed.  Unused credits do not roll over from year to year.

What happens if my site breaks or gets hacked?

We’ve seen it happen.  Someone hacked into your website.  Or a routine update caused something to break on your site.  Your cat ran across your keyboard and viciously sabotaged your site.  Regardless of how it happens, if your website goes down, it’s a headache you probably don’t want to deal with.

First things first: we’ll restore your site to the most recent backup copy to get your site up and running again.

Next up: we’ll take steps to diagnose what happened, and make recommendations to prevent it from happening again.  If it’s something we can fix, you can use your plan’s support hours to cover it.  If it’s something we can’t fix (like a sabotaging cat), we can make recommendations on next steps.

How long do you keep backups?

Hopefully you’ll never need ’em.  But just in case, we’ll take scheduled weekly backups of your site, which can be used to restore your site in an emergency.  All backups are securely stored in an offsite, cloud environment.

Backups are kept:

  • Weekly – 2 months
  • Monthly – 1 year
  • Yearly backups kept indefinitely

In addition, for sites using our hosting add-on, you’ll have access to daily and one-click backup and restore.