Maintenance + Support Plans: Terms and Conditions

By signing up for our maintenance + support plans, or purchasing one of the other service add-ons, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Use of Third-Party Service Providers and products

Booyah Creative/Booyah’s Momma, LLC assumes no liability for events or factors beyond their control, including:

  • Service provider, hosting or server downtime
  • Loss of data hosted by third party providers
  • Incompatibility issues caused by updates or maintenance
  • Termination of support or discontinuation of services supplied by theme developers, plugin developers, or other third party service providers.
  • Pricing changes of annual licensing fees for premium plugins or themes

Use of Support Credits

  • Booyah Creative will handle support requests as expeditiously as possible, but makes no guarantee of support time.
  • Some services, such as training and consulting, require advance scheduling.
  • Support credits can be used at any time throughout the year, up to the number of hours allotted by your maintenance plan.  Additional support credits can be purchased if needed.
  • Unused credits do not roll over from year to year.

Terms of Updates, Maintenance and Backups

  • Occasionally, a regularly scheduled maintenance or routine upgrade will cause something to break on your site.  In the event this happens, Booyah Creative will restore your site to the most recent backup.
  • In the event of a site restore, you acknowledge that data changes made to your site subsequent to the last backup may not be restored.
  • Booyah Creative will take steps to proactively prevent your site from breaking, hacking, or being compromised by third parties.  However, this is not a guarantee that these will not happen.
  • Not all third party/premium themes and plugins are covered under the terms of the maintenance agreement.  Certain themes or plugins will be the responsibility of the site owner to renew and pay for on an annual basis.

Termination of Services

The maintenance + support agreement may be terminated at any time by either party.  Full or partial refunds for pre-paid services may be made at the discretion of Booyah Creative.